Five pence piece. All shots are at the same scale as this coin unless marked with an asterisk.FroghopperLagria hirtaPoplar leaf BeetleGreen Shieldbug (early instar)Green Shieldbug (early instar) (2)Green Shieldbug (early instar) (3)Green Shieldbug (4th instar)*Green Shieldbug (4th instar) (2)Green Shieldbug (4th instar)* (2)Mirid Bug*Mirid Bug (2)Mirid Bug (3)Micro-mothMicro-moth (2)Cercopis vulnerata*Picture-wing FlyMitesMite (2)AphidHighwireSoldier FlyRhagonycha fulvaGrasshopper*Common Green GrasshopperSpeckled Bush-cricketFlying BeetleAlder Fly (1st imago)*Fly (2)Nettle WeevilsButterflyCanatharis livida*Mirid bugMorning abolutionsBad hair day*The encounterRosemary BeetleCrane-flyMothGreen Silver-lines*Ant farmers & AphidsAnt farmers & Aphids (2)Froghopper (2)The starFroghopper (3)Froghopper (4)Cereal beetleClingFlea Beetle