12the cat that thought it was a bird4is this seat taken?6I tell people it never rains in BrightonI love this beautiful wall art by divesart on Tichbone Streethow much is that doggy in the window?101112131415Wendy house extraordinairetoo posh for a fridge18192021222324no admission26272829303132on the most ugly building in Brighton the roof can sometimes look beautifulall that glistens35the nudist beach is usually further east37my bench is bigger than yoursit was nice when we left, honest!40maybe not today then!come to sunny Brighton434445West Pier when I first arrived in Brighton in 1996New Year's Day, 2003demise of West Pier - part i  01/01/20034950515253545556575859watch the birdya thousand miles up626364656667686970the last starling72washing dayencapsulate mollusca75767778798081828384watch out abovebird's eye view87going home8990first imago - Stoneflygnaw93slurp9596 (2)979899 (2)100101102103104105my precious